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The Great War rages on

It’s been a while since I’ve done an EVE-related post, largely down to the fact that I have been doing university work and as such have not had chance to play EVE to any greater extent than “Log in, change skill, log out”

As a result of this, my assets are now stuck in an enemy-owned station and I suspect I am the last GF member to have a character there. In hindsight, I should have installed a jumpclone there so I could evac my ships but that is by the by.

The beauty of the game, as I keep pointing out like an obsessive compulsive patient, is that I can still make a difference in whatever I fly, so having about 300 million ISK’s worth of stuff stuck in a station doesn’t phase me. We’ll re-take it.

I speak of QY6 – formerly the goonfleet staging area, now retaken by BoB as we move north to get a bit cozier on their front porch. Since the last post, a few things have happened worth of note.

Having taken Paragon Soul,, Period Basis and Querious, the allied forces were poised to take on the might of BoB’s fortress region, Delve. A further kick in the shins for BoB came when MC (Mercenary Coalition) who had been if not allies, then at least on good standings with BoB, reset their standings to BoB and claimed Period Basis for themselves, taking a few minor corps with them, creating the new Tortuga/Outer Heaven alliance bloc.Y ou could argue that MC/Tortuga were using this as an opportunity to set themselves up in a fairly lucrative corner of the universe while BoB were distracted and forgo the needless conflict involved in taking any chunk of good space – the rule being that good space does not go unoccupied for long and whoever lives there is loath to give it up

Following this, the GS leadership decided that a strategic alliance with MC would be good for the coalition since they wanted BoB gone because they saw how BoB treated their former allies and presumably did not want to end up in the same boat.

Key delve systems were besieged and strategic assets knocked offline.

By this time, BoB had amassed 6 titans and after SirMolle and the directorship came back from their break, they set about deploying them everywhere, essentially dragging the situation to the pre-titan nerf days.

With the return of Molle, a change of fleet doctrine was called and BoB capital pilots were instructed to field battleships in a bid to stop our capital deployment by outnumbering the sub-capital support fleets. This backfired horribly as GoonSwarm commanders Scavok and TrevorReznik deployed a spidertanking carrier/dreadnaught group.

Spidertanking – the use of Large/Capital Remote Armour Repairers by a group of battleships/carriers (respectively) to remotely repair any ship that is primaried by the enemy, thus rendering it almost invulnerable, given good co-ordination from the fleet.

The dreadnought group meted out swift justice and melted around 140 of the enemy battleships along with assorted support craft with few losses reported.

BoB suffered a major morale loss



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