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Phone Customising

After nearly turning my HTC Desire into a matte-brown and rather expensive paperweight, I emerged on the other side with a bright shiny new phone which now has a whole bunch of things installed on it.

The first thing that I did after recovering it is immediately flash Oxygen 2.1.4 on it. It’s an Android 2.3.4-based firmware which was built from Google’s released source code, meaning it’s not some leaked hack job like a lot of the “Desire HD” ROMs out there. That and Android 2.3 is ridiculously fast, compared to 2.2.

As soon as I installed it, I noticed that my battery life shot up by about 100%. If I disabled the data connection and used the phone as just a phone, it lasted for well over two and a half days from a single charge.

Next, I went and installed a whole bunch of other mods which I’ll list below to further customise my UI. My favourite thing, though was this:

My main home screen!
The text took me forever to get right, but the minimalistic text widgets are purely awesome!

Right. Now for lists:


HTC Desire
Oxygen 2.1.4 ROM with ClockWorkMod 2.0.5 recovery ROM for when something breaks.

Lock Screen

Clock, date and battery: minimalistic text widgets. There are 3 there – one for the time and days, one for date and another for battery.

Home Screen

Launcher: Launcher Pro Plus (paid version) with a custom skin
Calendar: PureCalendar widget
Time: minimalistic text again



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