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The Pier at Burning Man MK II

Last year, I went to Burning Man, a festival quite unlike anything else on earth. To call it an ‘Arts Festival’ would be doing it a disservice. I won’t go into the ins and outs of it because it’ll take me several hours to write something satisfactory. Instead, check this out. It’s done the rounds on the Internet and has gone spectacularly viral since its release and is still one of the best Burning Man videos I’ve seen.

Last year, I helped build the Pier. A 300-foot long structure rising from the lakebed at one end to over 3 metres at the other. My friend Matt Schultz masterminded this project and it was wildly popular with Burning Man organisers and participants (the line is blurry) alike. On Wednesday, we held a regatta at the Pier and most of the nautical-themed art cars came by to dock and hang out. People watched the Man burn sitting atop the T-section with their legs dangling over the edge, mesmerised. Couples would spend hours sitting quietly and watching the world go by through the day and night. It was a meeting place, a waiting place, a watching place. It was spectacular.

This year, Matt wants to make it even bigger. How can you do better than 300 feet in length? Crash a galleon into it! But he needs help. Please donate to the Pier MK II project on Kickstarter and help this awesome structure



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