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Photography adventures with Skins & Katelyn

A month ago, a lovely friend from Canada came a-visiting! So Skins Elliott, photographer and all-round Pretty Cool Guy, Katelyn and I went to the South Bank to amble around and catch up. Some photos got taken! I’m especially happy about how my little manual 50mm f/1.4 lens produces this really nice soft-focus effect in some situations. I need to work out what I did to achieve this!

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HitRecord is making a TV show!

A while ago, I joined this awesome collaborative production company called HitRecord. It’s a little bit different. It’s a collaborative production company. Think open source, Creative Commons and a whole bunch of delightful humans rolled into one package. Anyone can join. Anyone can contribute. As long as it’s your own work. It leads to some incredible collaborations like this: …that arise from someone writing a short story, then someone else drawing a couple of character illustrations, then someone else recording a reading of the story, then someone else recording a live green-screened rendition ...

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Mature use of a dSLR

My beloved Canon 60D has been sitting with my mum for the last two weeks which has been preventing me from taking more photos, as I resolved to do recently. I got it back last night so of course I did the only thing that a sensible and mature photographer would do: take pictures of my housemate’s cleavage! ![](https://antisp.in/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/263660_634526724057_2013475083_n.jpg) After all’s said and done, I’m very fond of my f/1.4 30mm lens and its depth of field. ...