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M42 Lens Experiments

In sorting through my stepdad’s stuff, I came across, amongst other things, a collection of old cameras and lenses (film, naturally), in the M42 mount format. For some reason unknown to me, I hadn’t thought of the possibility of using these lenses with my 60D until a week ago. In hindsight, it was obvious, given that my friend and fellow photographer, Matt Schultz uses a SMC Takumar 50mm f/1.4 lens on his 5D MK-II to great effect. ...

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Some old nude photos

About this time last year, I shot a bunch of nude photos with a friend of mine for her life modelling portfolio as she needed to get pictures to people. It was such a delightful evening as there’s something really great about doing a photoshoot with a close friend and taking things slowly with plenty of breaks for wine and hugs and the like! One of the things I plan on doing when I go back to Canada is doing another glamorous photoshoot – maybe even somewhere in the woods for that added touch of wildness in the images. ...

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Tea In A Riot Shield

Despite all the somewhat crazy stuff happening in London, it’s awesome to see people being kind to their fellow humans.  ![](https://antisp.in/blog/photography/tea-in-a-riot-shield/attachment/0038-982011-camden-town-london/) © Licensed to London News Pictures. 07/08/2011. London, UK. As looters and rioters smashed up shops, looted and fought with police in Camden Town, Philippa Morgan-Walker, 25 and her husband, Jonny Walker, 31, made tea for the police who were protecting their street. Some of the officers had been on duty for more than 30 hours. ...

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Macros In The Garden

I was at a friend’s house over the weekend and since my new EOS 60D arrived last week, I spent a large chunk of time playing with it and getting to grips with its various quirks and foibles. There aren’t many, thankfully. I also wound up shooting lots of macro shots of bits of plants and I must say, I’m very impressed with the performance overall! ![](https://antisp.in/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/5928194462_e26f384191_b.jpg) More Dried Leaves

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Slow Motion Video With Twixtor

While browsing the web looking at videos, I stumbled across a series of clips that were shot on regular 30 or 60 FPS cameras like mine and then slowed way down with incredible results. I was intrigued, as one would naturally be by such tech. I discovered that folks did this with a plugin called Twixtor, which through some mathematical wizardry does some highly impressive things with frame interpolation. What this means is that is seamlessly inserts additional frames between your existing ones in order to slow down the action by quite remarkable amounts. ...

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Juggling Cat

![](https://antisp.in/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/224120_558231046207_285601433_2196268_7684463_n.jpg) Nom nom nomWay back – well, it’s been about 2 weeks – Karsten came over to the UK to hang out with us. We went to an epic free beach party and spent the wee hours of the morning wandering the banks of the Thames. We watched the sun rise over Tower Bridge and generally had a great time. That was Saturday night. Sunday morning, we crashed out, woke up in the late afternoon and then spent the day playing with poi. ...