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Slow Motion Video With Twixtor

While browsing the web looking at videos, I stumbled across a series of clips that were shot on regular 30 or 60 FPS cameras like mine and then slowed way down with incredible results. I was intrigued, as one would naturally be by such tech.

I discovered that folks did this with a plugin called Twixtor, which through some mathematical wizardry does some highly impressive things with frame interpolation. What this means is that is seamlessly inserts additional frames between your existing ones in order to slow down the action by quite remarkable amounts. If you want more info on how frame interpolation works, check out wikipedia. Here’s a quick example.

Mock-up of a motion interpolation of a horse and rider galloping. Each two original frames on the top have an interpolated frame between them on the bottom.
Anyhow, this has given me some awesome new ideas with regards to shooting poi videos, for instance. I’m thinking of shooting a bunch of complex-looking patterns and then slowing them down so people can see exactly how it works. I think it’ll be hugely helpful and well worth doing!

Finally, let me leave you with this jaw-dropping example of this tech in action.



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