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Juggling Cat

Nom nom nom
Way back – well, it’s been about 2 weeks – Karsten came over to the UK to hang out with us. We went to an epic free beach party and spent the wee hours of the morning wandering the banks of the Thames. We watched the sun rise over Tower Bridge and generally had a great time. That was Saturday night. Sunday morning, we crashed out, woke up in the late afternoon and then spent the day playing with poi. We spent Monday  morning and afternoon doing much the same. Anyhow, the upshot of all this was that by the time we got to the workshop at 6pm, all of our arms were just about ready to abandon all hope and retire. But no, we did 4 hours of intensive poi workshoppery instead. To make things awesomer, though, this kitty came and hung out with us. He liked my juggling toys a lot. So much so that I had to hide them.  
Kitty likes my toys!
Juggling toys are tasty. Fact.


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