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Life Advice

relationships are weird sometimesA friend of mine linked this article on Facebook. I read it and lo, I beheld that it was wise and good. More than that, it mirrored the changes that took place in my own head over the last 3-4 years. I’m equal parts happy that this advice is out there and sad that nobody ever told me this shit. It took a good few months of depression and some serious conversations with my friend who became my ‘girlfriend’* to get me over the depression and show me all the stuff that this piece talks about. ...

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Policing By Consent

I’ve had this conversation with a few people now and the overwhelming consensus is towards agreement. In the UK, the police operate on the basis of *policing by consent.* That doesn’t mean that the police can only arrest you if you *agree* to your arrest – that would be ludicrous. It means that the police force’s effectiveness and even its existence is dictated by the people’s agreement that they represent the rule of law. ...

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London Riots in Social Media

I’ve been loosely keeping my finger on the pulse of what’s been going on over the last few days. So far I’ve seen some interesting facets of society emerge during the London riots: The mindless fuckwits who are intent on burning/smashing/looting everything under the sun because they’vebeen granted crowd anonymity. The awesome humanitarian/community projects that have arisen as a result like the glorious #riotcleanup and Operation Cup of Tea movement. ...

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Hackney Riots

So North London exploded in rioting and fires and all sorts and this has been going on for the best part of 3 days now. While there are folks out there better qualified than I to report on the whys and wherefores of the situation, the one thing that’s struck me when watching the news coverage of what’s going on is the wording and general feel of the reporting. To me, it feels like the media is trying as hard as it can to distance those carrying out the looting, rioting, etc from the populace. ...

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Juggling Cat

![](https://antisp.in/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/224120_558231046207_285601433_2196268_7684463_n.jpg) Nom nom nomWay back – well, it’s been about 2 weeks – Karsten came over to the UK to hang out with us. We went to an epic free beach party and spent the wee hours of the morning wandering the banks of the Thames. We watched the sun rise over Tower Bridge and generally had a great time. That was Saturday night. Sunday morning, we crashed out, woke up in the late afternoon and then spent the day playing with poi. ...

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Bali Poi Retreat, 2011

Nick finally OK’d Karen’s video that’s been floating around the Facebooks in secret (shh) for the last month or so and I can now officially share it with the world. Honestly, don’t go to Bali. It’s a horrible place and there is no fun to be had there whatsoever. It’s really cold, wet, boring and there are no fun people there at all. Oh wait.

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Ground-State Poi Moves

I want to introduce folks to a concept I’ve been thrashing out in my head while teaching. I call it ‘ground-state’ moves. The Lead-up While playing around with a bunch of new stuff that I had seen in various videos on YouTube – Rastaxel, PoiBoy, Drex, Alien Jon, G, etc – I came across countless moves that looked awesome and appeared to flow very well and were actually very simple at the core. ...

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There is no hiding with LSD

I came across a very interesting article on the Guardian’s site which talks about how LSD can make you come to terms with yourself and is not a purely escapist drug, as many believe. An illuminating read, to be sure! https://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2011/mar/22/lsd-acid-trip-self-knowledge For myself I used to face terrible scenes of torture, rape and other kinds of human cruelty. I do not know why, but I found myself imagining them again and again both in meditation and with drugs. ...