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relationships are weird sometimes
A friend of mine linked this article on Facebook. I read it and lo, I beheld that it was wise and good. More than that, it mirrored the changes that took place in my own head over the last 3-4 years. I’m equal parts happy that this advice is out there and sad that nobody ever told me this shit. It took a good few months of depression and some serious conversations with my friend who became my ‘girlfriend’* to get me over the depression and show me all the stuff that this piece talks about. It’s great that it’s out there for people to read in such a concise, frank and straightforward way without being condescending and talking down to you. Here’s a quote:

When I was younger, I used to think it was impossible to be friends with someone you’re dating. The friendship would kill the romance, right? Since friendship is about doing boring shit together, and romance is about fucking on the hood of a Trans-Am while Def Leppard is playing on the radio?

But in my later years I’ve realized that every successful relationship has this point at their core: If you take out the romantic connection, those two people would still hang out like nothing had changed. Well, besides all the dirty, filthy fucking.

I might have to put pen to paper at some point and write my thoughts on the stuff that took place in my life over the last few years. For no other reason than it would be educational to see it all in one place and remember. But in the meantime, here are some other articles by the same guy, John Cheese, that I would heartily recommend looking over and taking onboard.




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