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Wick Burns

I got to play with some rather hefty Moonblaze-style heads last week and they were excessively fun! The flames were enormous, the chain rig was pretty sweet and overall it was great fun to play with them.

However, I did come across something that is, I think, quite a serious issue in poi head design sometimes.

The kevlar was so loosely woven that the heads started to disintegrate as the fire had spread to inside the head. Not only that, but I got burns from the kevlar head itself – something that has never happened before.

Poi head burns after a few days

As I said before, the fire was actually burning inside the kevlar head itself and that’s what burned me. I’m wondering if others with Moonblaze heads have had the same experience, because my heads have never burned me. Sure, I’ve had chain brand plenty of times but the heads themselves burn relatively cool and don’t cause burns on contact.




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