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Weird Government

So I’ve been thinking about our government – the UK that is – and the ways of policymakers in general of late.. It strikes me that we’re now stuck in an age where the old guard who ‘survived the [crisis of your choice] in [the 19xx’s]’ claim to know what is best for the country because in their opinion, environment and mindset, age equals experience.

While in some cases it’s true and age can certainly mean greater experience in life and so forth, it’s no use if the experience is wrong or, worse still, outdated. It’s all very well and good knowing how to dispose your troops on a battlefield where the most advanced weapon is a horse, but that knowledge is utterly useless when you’re fighting in the 21st century in an urban environment, if I may use the analogy.

Equally, as Terry Pratchett said:

“Old doesn’t necessarily mean wise. It usually means that people have had a very long time to be stupid”.

And I think this applies to our current government. We are endlessly told that we need to ‘raise standards’ and so forth. As Ken Robinson points out: “Of course we should raise standards! Why would we lower them?”. The trouble is that the current crop of politicians are stuck in their outdated, outmoded mindset and the only way they can respond is by doing what they’re used to doing as hard as possible and hoping it works out.

‘Progressive’ and ‘conservative’ just don’t go together.

So while thinking about this in my crazy brain meats, I proposed the idea that anyone over the age of, say, 40 should be barred from any roles that affect policy making.

Yes, it’s ageist and yes, the PC brigade will wave their banners of hate and shout loudly from the rooftops about how I’m destroying equality, but it would also encourage young people with fresh ideas to enter into politics and know that their ability and chance to make a difference is enshrined in law and they won’t be beaten down by the old fogeys who know they know best (because they’ve seen it all before).

Naturally, it’s but an idea and has more holes than a cheese grater mating with a shredder but it’s worth exploring!

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