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Need Versus Want

I’ve been turned on to this rather excellent blog on all things fun, exciting and non-traditional by a wonderful friend of mine. One of the articles I came across resonates particularly with me as I’m in the process of exploring communication and how it can be a great force for good in relationships. I mean that in every sense of the word, not just romantic, stars-in-the-eyes, oh-god-my-stomach-is-a-flutter way. Here’s a quick excerpt:

I believe there are really big differences between needing something and wanting something. And I think in our culture, we are often encouraged to express things as “needs” that are actually “wants.” I think this is an unfortunate practice, because it’s rather inaccurate, and inaccuracy is one of those things that often gets in the way of clear communication. Worse, I think it cements pathways of thought in our minds that would do much better to be kept soft and earthy and ripe for change.

Read the rest of it here. Honestly worth a look!



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