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Tranquility -v- Absence of Intelligent Thought

Canary Wharf Panoramic

Yet another weekend sailed by without me noticing it much. It’s good when they do that. Means you’ve had a good time. Spent the weekend at my friend’s place and yet again I return with yet more marks of dubious origin all over me. Good fun.

Spent saturday mostly asleep. I dimly recall getting up for food, deciding we were gonna go see Bourne Supremacy and then passing out again.


Tangentally, it seems like day by day, the Green/eco-friendly movement seems to be gaining more and more coverage. It really is appaling I think. Yes, we should keep pollution to a minimum and yes, I believe in preserving the rainforests because they’re huge, beautiful and reminders that despite the march of technology, there are places in the world where the hard and fast rules of today don’t apply.

However, the veracity with which these people force “carbon offsetting” and “eco-fuels” and “carbon-neutral cars” down our throats is quite frankly appaling. If this were Islam or Christianity spreading its word it would not get nearly as much coverage in mainstream media despite being as important in peoples’ lives. However, this new “Carbon-Neutrality” is a man-made religion created specifically for the purposes of manipulating the masses into compliance and for some reason everyone accepts this without argument! I don’t understand.

What happened to critical analysis and intelligent thought? Even subjects in school are now tainted with this menace of carbon-friendly thought. Physics syllabuses are filled with questions like “Why must we use wind power more?”. There is even a “greenlondon” section in each issue of thelondonpaper telling us how to be more green and how to save the environment and how the latest innovation in toilet paper manufacture means that somewhere a seal cub will not have to be clubbed to death because its flatulence is producing too much carbon dioxide/methane/chlorofluorocarbons and hence killing the planet.

Wake up and take a step backwards people.



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