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Bonobo and other animals

I’ve not done a music post in a while and during the lull, a whole load of musical gems have percolated through my ears and lodged themselves firmly at the back of my brain, quietly driving me mad.

So here are some of the awesome tracks I’ve had the pleasure to experience!

Quite ignoring the gorgeous glitchy remix of the song, the video editing and style of the video match the track perfectly. It’s really rather incredible.


Bonobo’s new album, The North Borders is much more consistent thematically than Black Sands. For a mere £5 it can be yours in its entirety from here. If you feel like paying Apple or Amazon a 50% markup, you can also get it on iTunes or Amazon. But fuck that, seriously; support the artist, you philistines.

This isn’t really a glitchy tune, but it still makes me happy.

And finally something perfect for lazy summer days!



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