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C2C - Happy

C2C are a collective of four French DJs/turntablists who make e Paul, of electromusic.com and Edison’s Ephemera fame was playing these in his studio and I was immediately intrigued. They appeal to some far corner of the brain that enjoys a combination of ambient sounds and clicky tones and tiny quirky detail. It’s a collection of four tracks, collectively titled Seascaping Monthly in 4 or 5 Movements by a guy I’ve never heard of, called . ...

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C2C - Happy

C2C are a collective of four French DJs/turntablists who make exceptionally energetic and exciting mixes like this one. Recently I re-discovered another track they did called Happy. The music and mixing are, naturally, top-notch but even more amazing is the choreography and the dancing. I’m pretty certain that the lead guy is the same dude that did this video. Anyway: judge for yourselves. C2C – Happy (featuring D. Martin)!

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HitRecord is making a TV show!

A while ago, I joined this awesome collaborative production company called HitRecord. It’s a little bit different. It’s a collaborative production company. Think open source, Creative Commons and a whole bunch of delightful humans rolled into one package. Anyone can join. Anyone can contribute. As long as it’s your own work. It leads to some incredible collaborations like this: …that arise from someone writing a short story, then someone else drawing a couple of character illustrations, then someone else recording a reading of the story, then someone else recording a live green-screened rendition ...

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January Chillstep

I’ve recently discovered this lovely new feature that SoundCloud has: sets. So, thinking “Hey, a playlist feature! Yawn…”, I idly clicked some tracks and added them to a “Set” but apparently it’s a bit more than that. It’s a ‘social playlist’, after a fashion, that you can publish to the world. Nothing new and ground-breaking, sure, but still undeniably cool. So here’s some things I mashed together into a dubstep / chillstep playlist and think are delightful and make your brain turn in fun new ways. ...

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Dumb Ways to Die - The best train safety advert ever.

Dumb Ways to Die is by far and away one of the best videos promoting safety I’ve seen. It was created for the Melbourne Metro. The original has since amassed 170 million hits on YouTube and has spawned a bunch of spinoff clips, including a version from Cinesaurus about the Curiosity Rover. Also, there’s a motherfucking Karaoke version available on YouTube and iTunes. It’s a ridiculously chipper song about dumb ways to die. ...

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June 2012 Chill Dubstep Roundup

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so here’s a quick rundown of various chill dubstep/2-step tunes I’ve been listening to that are well worth checking out! Above & Beyond delivering more ethereal vocals combined with epic drops! It sounds like it could be a standard trance track they’d blast out in clubs, but it’s wonderfully surprising! This one came from a contact juggling video by Cyrille & Kyle. ...

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Solitude - Synkro Mix

Solitude released another mix a week and bit ago – all Synkro tracks this time. I’ve been toying with the idea of throwing together a mix all composed of a single artist’s tracks and this has definitely reinforced the idea that I ought to do it! This is my favourite track from the mix. When I heard it, it made fun things happen in my brain! Specifically, it really reminds me of being at Burning Man. ...

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Beats Antique - Blind Threshold

Beats Antique have released a new album called Blind Threshold and it’s rather tasty. It’s also downloadable for free from their site, though I’d recommend donating to them regardless – they’re an amazing collective of musicians and deserve your support! Without further ado: [wp_bandcamp_player type=”album” id=”3034204548″ size=”grande3″ bg_color=”#E2E2E2″ link_color=”#BB5242″]