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Science - It's a Girl Thing!

The European Union’s panel of talking heads that are responsible for Science, I guess, have knocked some rocks together, made fire and rightly deduced that there aren’t enough lady scientists in the place.

Clearly, something needed to be done! Lady-scientists are important to humanity! They’ve got boobs that will improve the performance of all the boy-scientists in the Europe Joint Sciencing Facilities. Right?

Anyway, the clever bods at the PR department released this gem.


Quoting the Commission’s brief:

This video was published by the European Commission for a campaign designed to attract more women to a career in science. The commission said that the video had to “speak their language to get their attention” and that it was intended to be “fun, catchy” and strike a chord with young people.


Looking at their website, it couldn’t have been made with the involvement of ANY woman, anywhere, ever. Since when are lipstick, high heels and allusions to makeup seen as defining what it means to be a scientist who happens to have breasts? The way it’s designed is reminiscent of ill-advised marketing committees made up exclusively of 50-year old men who have “wide-ranging experience in marketing to all groups” on their CV, meaning, mostly: “Too stuck in my ways to change now, but it’s OK because I know what I’m talking about”.

Some choice snippets

What were they thinking?

This offends me as a guy! I’m sure there are girls out there who are ok with this or maybe I’m mis-reading something here, but this is condescending as hell and misogynistic to boot!




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