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PETA: We're misogynistic because it shocks

A friend and fellow blogger, Villiljós, linked a disturbing post about how terrible an organisation PETA actually is. Read it here.

The thing that shocked me, upon cursory examination of a fraction of their publicity is just how openly misogynistic and abusive to women it is! In all of the footage I’ve seen, women are routinely abused or are shown as looking like victims of abuse. Why is it specifically women that are portrayed as standing in for all the animals that are ‘abused’? Are men never abused? Have we sunk so low that we have to use a video of a woman being clubbed to death with a baseball bat for wearing a fur coat to ‘raise awareness’ of the plight of animals?

This video is even worse. It advocates going vegan and claims that when you go vegan, your sex drive goes through the roof and your girlfriend will be unable to walk and will look like an abuse victim. What kind of an image is that?

Surely the sight of a man having the same done to him would shock just as much,? Watching that clip, it was somewhat telling as to the extent of this all-pervasive social conditioning to see women as weak and fragile and often times abused. While I was certainly morally outraged, some irrational part of my brain said “yeah, not terribly surprised or shocked”. This is ridiculous!

Here are some more examples of their work



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