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Facebook -vs- Blogging

This infographic makes a great argument in favour of using a blogging platform – ideally self-hosted – as a means of sharing content. Having a blog, I’m fully in control of my content – I own the copyright, I can modify, show, hide, publish and delete at will. The “danger” that prospective employers and so on can look you up on Facebook and other social media sites and may refuse to employ you based on what they find there is easily mitigated by the control that you have over your content.

When asked how I can maintain a blog when anyone can see it, including aforementioned employers, I reply: “There is nothing to stop me from shutting down my blog for 2 weeks while I’m applying for a job”. I can’t do that with Facebook, no matter what privacy settings I have. If I’m paranoid, I can simply shut down the server altogether – again, a level of control I lack with Facebook!



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