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Who is Burning Dan?

Burning Dan, a man of great kindness, boundless optimism and unbridled Awesome joined with the Force on the night of the 4th/5th of October. He was a friend to many around the world, a mentor to many more and an inspiration to still more.

Here’s a video of him explaining some things about the world we live in.

He also helped found hitRECord.org with his brother, Joe. It’s hit Joe pretty hard, as well as Tea Faerie and Thom who are all very close. There’s a huge number of folk contributing everything under the sun on hitRECord here, and I encourage you to join them.

Dan was an awesome person. In light of that, remember a few things:

  • Breathe.
  • Be awesome to yourself and others.
  • There are no “other people”. Anyone can do ANYTHING.
  • Don’t worry about influencing the future. Focus on influencing the moment you live in. The future will take care of itself.

And finally, in Joe’s wise words:

Let’s celebrate him; he’s fucking awesome!



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