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Aberdeen Stories

After my lovely trip up to the Frozen North to catch up with friends long absent I brought back tunes, videos and stories!

So firstly, massive thanks to my perpetually happy friend Corinne, I’ve been introduced to Blogotheque which has lots of delicious, crunchy and smooth music from all manner of artists on. Here’s one that I love especially

As well as discovering new music, Corinne, Cat and I got to geek out over poi for about 6 odd hours which was many different kinds of fun. I hadn’t had a chance to jam with Corinne for a long time. Some progress was made with various tech poi things and I have another couple of takers for the wicks that I made – read about that here – which is pretty awesome.

Spiral Wraps
I’m actually expecting a delivery of wick tomorrow – should be 17mm wick if all goes well. If not, then it’ll be 16m of 10mm wick, for longer heads. I have some good ideas about how to stabilise the chain in the head to stop it flailing about and destroying the head in the process. Not that it needs to – my heads have certainly reached an “equilibrium” with the chain.

Cat & I did a firespin for the Scouts’ Bonfire Night fireworks party – kids are so bloody hard to impress these days! I had to spiral wrap pretty much in a kid’s face to elicit a response from any of them! But it was still bloody good fun and we got to light stuff on fire!

Finally, we did some burning outside a nightclub in a tunnel in Aberdeen and it was great. There were about 7:00 mins of video footage of me spinning and another blob of the same sort of length of Corinne spinning. I edited mine together and posted them – I have yet to put Corinne’s burn to the cutting desk but that’ll happen soon.



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