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Thoughts about Medium

The more I read Medium, the more I like it. For a change, a site focusing on essays on diverse topics without hyperbolic “You Won’t Believe What Scientists Have Found Inside A Grapefruit!” titles, complete with “Stories You Might Like” sections at the bottom (IFLS, I’m looking at you. You’re great, but stop using third-party traffic referers, please).

Medium’s presentation is clean, text-focused (no annoying sidebars with Things I May Like) and the typography is wonderful. Its homepage lists popular/highly-rated articles beautifully. This article (one of theirs) explains it far better than I could: https://medium.com/who-what-why/fonts-have-feelings-too-1523564d966c

If that weren’t enough, they are also committed to honouring Do Not Track headers – if you don’t want your browsing through their site to be analysed by their analytics packages, then it won’t be. Source:[https://medium.com/policy/how-we-handle-do-not-track-requests-on-medium-f2b4b4fb7c5e](https://medium.com/policy/how-we-handle-do-not-track-requests-on-medium-f2b4b4fb7c5e)

Here are some articles I’ve read lately and would thoroughly recommend: