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The smile that stays with you - by Durex


Of course, women never go to work with a smile on their face after incredible sex made awesome by Durex lubricants. Women stay home and are grateful to be fucked.

If you’re working in the marketing industry, please take a moment to think about what you’re creating and the image you’re putting forward. Consider acknowledging female sexuality as being a Thing and admitting that women, too, love sex *on their own terms. *

*Edit: apparently Durex have also released a series of posters along similar lines, but depicting women looking rather chuffed, too. I was unaware of this, so when I saw the poster, it set off the patriarchy red mist. *

Now that I’ve been summarily corrected, I’m quite happy to revise my stance on this series of adverts. It’s actually a welcome change to see the sexual prophylactics industry acknowledging that women, too, enjoy and desire sex.

It’s like we’re all human or something and not two totally different species!