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Southern Lights - Full-Fat Edition


Now that I actually have time to post a real entry about SL, here goes.

To begin with, I wasn’t going to go to Southern Lights as I was quite simply too poor to afford a ticket. Thankfully, the gorgeous Safire stepped in and offered me one of hers in exchange for hugs on demand. A fair trade. The festival kicked off on Friday the 11th, but I was booked that day to celebrate a friend finishing exams.

[![](https://ap-content.storage.googleapis.com/2010/06/DSC01779WM-300x2001.jpg "SL Campsite")](http://antisp.in/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/DSC01779WM1.jpg)
The Southern Lights camp
Friday evening went swimmingly, with a bunch of people back at hers having an awesome time. We did sort of lose track of time and before I knew it, it was light again and I had to leave to get home, pick up my stuff and run. This I did. Eventually I made it on the train, having run for it with a fairly weighty backpack containing mainly circus toys, paraffin and food.

When I eventually made it to Southern Lights, the party was in full swing and I wearily stumbled up the hillside to a vacant spot on the ground to pitch my tent. No tent-pitching was done for about 20 minutes as I simply collapsed on the grass and lay there, unable to move for exhaustion.

[![Oscar & I doing poi](https://ap-content.storage.googleapis.com/2010/06/DSC01799WM-200x3001.jpg "Sunset Poi")](http://antisp.in/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/DSC01799WM1.jpg)
Oscar & I doing poi at sunset
Once things were settled, I set about exploring. I bumped into [Skins](http://skinselliott.webs.com) who turned out to be my next-tent neighbour, said hi to Greeny and Oscar who were spinning away and found Thomas who was teaching a workshop on poi. A bunch of people from [Spinning @](http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=40212351707&ref=ts "Spinning @") were around as well, which was good.

The events of the following few days are too numerous to list in prose so I will make it easy

  • I had my arms painted in different patterns with SPF 30 theatre paints, meaning I now sport a patterned tan!
  • Took some amazing sunset poi photos with the help of Skins’ camera and flash gear
  • We had countless workshops taught by Thomas, G, Loooop and entire hours spent experimenting with things and just letting information sink in
  • Spent a good chunk of time hanging out on Jan’s porch, exchanging massages with a load of people which was both fun and educational.
  • Had a wine & cheese party while the pub quiz was happening with real Brie, Gruyère and all manner of other cheeses that had miraculously not grown legs and escaped in the heat.
  • Drew shapes in the dark with some LED finger rings
  • Ingested unhealthy amounts of sausage rolls, jaffa cakes and houmous.
  • Cleaned up my stalls immensely
  • Re-engineered my poi for extra length after playing with Thomas’ set
[![](https://ap-content.storage.googleapis.com/2010/06/DSC02465-200x3001.jpg "Exploration")](http://antisp.in/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/DSC024651.jpg)
Ostensibly NOT packing
Eventually, things wound down and I found myself awake on Monday morning at God knows what time, *convinced* that everyone had nearly finished packing. So I feverishly stuffed all my belongings into my backpack and poked my head outside to find that nobody was up except the sun, the birds and the ever-present sheep. Cursing my misfortune, I unrolled my sleeping bag and passed out.

3 hours later, people were up and between packing, poi-ing and drinking with relish, gratitude and tears of joy in my eyes the steaming hot cocoa that Jan had cooked up, I managed to get everything squared away and was faced with a dilemma: whether to take the minibus to the train station and get the train to London or whether to get a lift to the station from Jan.

In the end, we all decided it would be much more fun for me to lie across her back seat with 3 people supporting me all the way to London.

All in all, an EXCELLENT festival and I am going again next year!

[![](https://ap-content.storage.googleapis.com/2010/06/DSC02521-685x1024.jpg "Car Seats")](http://antisp.in/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/DSC025211.jpg)
How I spent Monday afternoon. With 100% more door.