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I first got introduced to poi about 6 months ago and have been steadily getting better and dragging people into it as I go along. It’s a wonderfully relaxing hobby and does wonders for your coordination and proprioception (perceiving your own self as opposed to perception, which means perceiving the world around you). Some alcohol and a certain holly bush was involved in my first forays into poi spinning but I persevered and now I’ve returned from an absolutely fantastic trip from Bali, courtesy of Nick Woolsey, G and a whole host of other flow artists over at Playpoi.com and it was the best fun I’ve had with a bunch of complete strangers in a very long time. Here’s a brief glimpse of what we got up to:

I’ll be posting other poi goodness up here as I come across it and hopefully I’ll entice some people to join me.

If you live in London and are interested in going for a spin, then do give me a yell!



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