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Moving to Hugo

I’m moving my blog off Ghost and on to Hugo.

Ghost has grown from being a nice, self-contained blogging engine to a somewhat bigger and heavier-weight platform that requires more and more resources and management.

For a while, this blog’s been sat without any updates as most of my writing has migrated to Medium. In the meantime, the infrastructure has been hoovering up money for basically doing nothing. Running a web server + attendant SQL instance isn’t exactly expensive, but with the money it costs I could buy a fancy dinner every month!

Hence I’ve made the decision to archive this blog off to Hugo - the overall layout and function remains the same, but now that it’s entirely based on Hugo, it’s all static content and will be blazing fast.

At some point I may even repurpose this website for personal projects and things, but in the meantime, enjoy the new-found speed and power!

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