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Citymapper is a relatively new app that’s been brought to my attention recently and it’s what Android has been craving for a long time. Compared to most other ‘travel planners’ that are out there on the Play Store, this outshines them all by miles.

It’s been argued for a long time that app developers really ought to be paying more attention to the UX design of their products, instead of being function-driven. A great UI/UX fusion will go a very long way.

It’s the little details that leap out at me in this app:

  • Swiping to the local bus or tube stop list will give you an overview of what’s around along with estimated walking times, which are a lovely touch.
  • Tapping on a stop will give you an at-a-glance view of the next couple departures. Swiping left gives you walking directions to the stop you’re looking at.
  • Hitting “Get me somewhere” or “Get me home” will give you a list of possible routes, along with journey times and oyster card costs for your journey. 
  • Looking at the tube status page not only gives you a quick view of what’s going on along with service updates but also lets you know which****station is the nearest to you on any of the listed lines and how long it’ll take you to walk there

None of these features are compulsory, really; the app works pretty well without them

Get the app from the Google Play Store and/or the iTunes App Store.

With this in mind, allow me to present Citymapper.