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Aberdeen Fun

A couple of weeks ago, I travelled up to Aberdeen in sunny Scotland to catch up with (and meet) my friend Cat, whom (or is it who) I initially got to know through the Playpoi Bali retreat, and a bunch of other disparate strangers all of the flow arts persuasion.

Since I could ill afford to travel by rail or air, coach was the only option. A 12-hour overnight one. With screaming babies. Joy. Being an adept of ‘sleeping on transport’-fu, I had no problems Upon arrival, the plan was to go to the Illicit Still for breakfast as it’s well known that they do the best breakfasts anywhere. Alas, they were shut so I had to make do with square sausage at ‘spoons.

Eventually Cat showed up after work and things got underway. Preparations complete, we headed off to Corinne’s place with burgers, sausages and some instant BBQs for cooking and general tomfoolery. Everyone was having an awesome time when we rocked up so we joined in the fray and had the evening of our lives! Here is a quick recap of what we got up to!

I can’t wait to get back there when the weather’s warmer and partake in more shenanigans!



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