Useful Logstash GROK patterns

As a quick interlude, I’d like to link to my ever-expanding Gist containing some useful Logstash GROK patterns for Postfix and Sendmail


Logstash part 1.1: logstash-forwarder

In this post, I want to cover an important step if you are running legacy servers that the repos don’t provide packages for. Enter logstash-forwarder!


Getting started with Logstash

In the first post in a series about distributed log collection, learn how to quickly set up a logstash instance and collect some data.


February Macros

I’m still getting the hang of shooting with my reversed-lens setup without a tripod. The great thing is that suddenly a lawn becomes incredibly interesting once you can get down to that level of detail.



I’ve been looking to practice more calligraphy of late, so I’ve been on the lookout for short passages to transcribe. Here’s one.


Night nurse

Because all girls are drama-prone harpies. Everyone knows this. *sigh*

Frost Photos

The first frost of the year has hit and mornings are the perfect time to capture some macro images of ice crystals!


Windows 8

Microsoft advertising admits Windows 8 UI is non-intuitive..



Here are some macro shots that I took of a bunch of plants in my aunt’s garden in the morning with the dew still hanging on to the grass.


Poi in Canada

Here’s a set of poi videos that I recorded while in Canada with lots of ideas for things to play with for spinners of all levels!